General information

The workshop will focus on quantum phenomena in transition metal compounds and in model systems, including high temperature superconductivity, frustrated magnets and spin-orbital systems. The purpose of the workshop is to exchange ideas and to promote collaborations in this very active field of research. The workshop is financed partly by the research project of Narodowe Centrum Nauki (NCN, the Polish National Science Center), the Jagiellonian University and the Scientific Center of Knowledge (KNOW).

The following topics are planned to be covered and discussed during the workshop:

Meeting program and organization

The workshop will cover the above topics in dedicated sessions during three days. Invited talks will be presented as 30 minutes talks, including discussion, during topical sessions on 20-22 June 2016. Poster session will also be organized, with posters displayed by Workshop participants during the entire workshop (the posters will be discussed during the poster session and during the breaks). The abstracts of all contributions will be included in a conference booklet which will be distributed at the registration.

The workshop attendance is by invitation only. Scientists interested in participation or presenting a poster are requested to contact the Workshop Organizers.

The conference will be held in Collegium Maius, the historic oldest building of the Jagiellonian University in the centre of Cracow. The guesthouse is located ca. 700m from the conference site. The historic city of Cracow (Kraków) may be visited before or after the workshop.

Andrzej M. Oleś (chairman)